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Bread in the Pandemic

bread pandemicYesterday I went to buy flour and could not find any. No whole wheat flour in any store! .Forget yeast; it has been missing since this pandemic started. I had this great idea to give a loaf of bread as a gift to a friend. Unknown to me, these crucial items were missing. Then I hit myself over my head as I remember my early days in this community. I am the physician to a group of women who did homeschooling and made their bread. Now when I say made their bread, I mean from scratch. That is getting the wheat from Montana (my favorite state ), grinding it into flour, and making the bread. At that time, I bought a grain mill and participated in bread making along with them. I became part of their buying club. Bread making for me has always been an anxiety-driven event. My mother and sister are masters at it, but I was deficient. I could not get the rhythm for kneading the dough. As time passed, I began to research machines. I stumbled on the Borch mixer, which has very powerful dough hooks and can work freshly prepared whole grain flour.

So back to bread making. Instead of searching for flour, I bought wheat berries. I like spring wheat berries, but these were hard winter wheat, which works fine. I prepared my flour, and as a long time bread maker, I had my yeast stored in the refrigerator.

The aroma of freshly baking bread is comforting, especially in these unprecedented times.

Do you know it is said if we serve God, He will bless our bread.

Exodus 23:25.

But you shall serve the Lord your God, and he will bless your bread and your water, and I will remove sickness from your m.idst Well, whole grains are very nutritious. They are low in sugar, high in fiber, and resistant starches. Resistant starches take a long time to digest but, in the process, improves our microbiome. Short-chain fatty acids are produced, which is nourishing for our colonic cells and prevents cancers of the colon. Let's start cooking again. Eat plants live well.

-- Dr. Wendy

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