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Reset and Recharge

Life has changed as we know it.

This is our new “normal “ for a long time , maybe until 2021 or longer.

Crisis like these can bring out the worst in people like hate crimes but it can also bring out the best as well.

You can support us on the front lines from being overwhelmed by staying safe and staying home whenever possible. Remember hand hygiene and personal protection.

Thousands of healthcare workers have been infected and over 100 have died. The work we do and enjoy is not without its risks.

Let me take this opportunity to acknowledge all our first responders and frontline workers out there. Hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Safer as we reset in the era of covid 19

As we think of reopening the office safely here are changes we need to make to keep everyone safe.

  • Telehealth is offered to all patient for certain diagnosis
  • All patients and office staff to wear personal protection
  • Temperatures to be obtained on all patients and staff. We also include pulse ox (oxygen saturation) on our patients as well.
  • Minimal or no patients in the waiting room. All patients remain in their car until check in. All patients will be checked out in the exam room
  • In order to maintain social distancing our waiting room will have to be modified.
  • Prescreening for covid 19 is done on all patients before appt
  • Our exam rooms and general areas are sanitized after each patient. Deep cleaning done once per week.
  • Elective surgeries are slowly beginning to be scheduled per hospital and surgery center protocols

Vulnerable patients( immunocompromised and senior patients over 65) may be seen on a case by case basis

Reset your lifestyle in this time of covid 19

  1. Reset your thinking and make healthy choices
  2. Eat a plant based diet. I recommend whole foods , plant based nutrition i.e. minimally processed food . “ Eat plants live well”
  3. Do not skip breakfast. Practice intermittent fasting or not eating late allowing 14 hours of fasting . This will help with restoration of your body and renewal. Also good for improving your immune system.
  4. Exercise daily. Moderate exercise at least 30 min per day for a total of 150 min per week.
  5. Get enough sunshine . You especially want to get early morning sunlight. You need 20 to 30 min per day. This restores your circadian rhythm and for women improves and balances estrogen production. If you are suffering from PCOS restoring circadian rhythm is especially helpful. Restoring rhythm will also help with sleeping as well. Vitamin D is also obtained from the sunshine. The best time to obtain Vitamin D from the sun is between 10 am and 3 pm. You only need 15 min and need to expose 15 percent of the body 3 times per week.
  6. Drink water. The recommended amount is 8 glasses of 8 oz per day. Some researchers are saying as much as 100 oz daily.Water is a good detoxifier.Simple hydrotherapy has been shown to improve immunity. This can be done simply by alternating hot and cold showers. Take a hot shower for about 3 min (as hot as you can stand it ) then turn the faucet unto cold for 30 sec . Do this 3 times when you shower . End with cold . Your body will be warmed up and this will improve your body’s defenses.
  7. Stress reduction. Find ways to reduce stress. Find your purpose for living. Discover new hobbies.
  8. Obtain 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is important for restoration not only physically but mentally as well.
  9. Spiritual health.Take time to acknowledge God as the source and center of your strength.

We are all in this together so join me as we stay healthy during this pandemic.

Wendy Perrott,MD, FACOG,Dip ABLM


There are a great deal of things on this earth that give us power. Not speaking of power over others, but power to be our best and get through the toughest of times. For many, our power sources have been stripped away. This may be social interactions, our employment or just the simple feeling of freedom. These are very different times we live in but it’s important to recharge with the blessings you do have. It’s easy to forget what you have when you feel like you have lost so much. This is a perfect time to reflect on blessings and recharge your spiritual health. More than ever we are realizing we need each other and everyone has a viable role in our everyday lives. Appreciate others and show gratitude whenever possible. Many are putting their lives on the line daily to help those that need it the most. Thank you to all the first responders, healthcare professionals and front line workers. This is the time to come together (at a distance of course) and show love and compassion.

Some self-care tips for our new reality:

  • Routine is important. If you're working from home or currently out of work it is important to have routine. Our body and mind thrive on routine and you are more likely to keep a healthy mindset if you are scheduling your day and still striving to reach goals. Your goals may change but you are still moving in a forward direction and adding a positive aspect to your new reality.
  • Sunlight and physical health. Vitamin D from sunlight is extremely important for the immune system. Now that we are staying at home more it’s important not to isolate ourselves from nature and the health benefits it provides. Best time for sunlight is between the hours of 10am-3pm. Physical activity at least 30 min a day also helps boost the immune system and your mood.
  • In this time of darkness you can bring light into your life by strengthening your spiritual health without the distractions that were once there. Spending 30 minutes a day on your spiritual strengthening is recommended.
  • Meditation and breathing exercises to relieve anxiety and promote a healthy mindset in these times of high stress is important.
  • Nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle. Focusing on a whole food, plant based diet is ideal to help support the immune system. Yes! Plants can help defend you from this ugly virus!
  • Just because businesses and establishments are re-opening please do not slack in the area of caution. Hand-washing, personal protective wear and distancing should still be practiced.

As a healthcare provider it is my responsibility to care for my patients in the safest manner possible. I assure you we take pride in keeping our patients and staff safe at all times.

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