Essure & Adiana Tubal Occlusion

Despite the ever growing number of available methods for birth control and contraception, astoundingly, over half of pregnancies are still unplanned. This number includes women who falsely believe they are unable to get pregnant.

If you have completed your family and are considering a form of permanent birth control, two non-surgical permanent birth control options are Essure and Adiana Tubal Occlusion.

Essure is a spring coiled device that is inserted into the openings of the fallopian tubes using a hysterescope. As the device expands to fill the openings of the fallopian tubes, it gradually forms a barrier so that sperm cannot reach and fertilize the egg.

Three months later, an HSG (hysterosalpingogram) is performed to be sure that the fallopian tubes are completely blocked and that the patient is completely protected against possible pregnancy.

Adiana uses a polymer micro-insert and radio frequency in combination to achieve tubal blockage in the interstitial portion of the fallopian tubes, within the uterine muscles. A catheter is placed inside the fallopian tube which emits a low-level radio-frequency to remove a section of the inside of the fallopian tube. Then, the polymer micro-insert is placed in the tubal opening. A smaller area of the tube is affected than with the Essure device. Like with the Essure device, a HSG is performed after 3 months to confirm that the fallopian tubes are completely blocked.

Whether through Essure or Adiana, Hysteroscopic Sterilization is rapidly becoming the method of choice for women seeking permanent and safe birth control. Contact Healthy Choice OB/GYN to discuss your options by calling at 352-483-3730.